Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What is going on in Medjugorje?

About a month ago, it was reported that Fr. Jozo Zovko, of the parish of Siroki-Brijeg, Bosnia-Hercegovina, is now on a year-long sabbatical. Allegedly, this is due to a health concern for which he has been receiving treatment.

He has cancelled all talks to Medjugorje pilgrims.

Next, it was reported that the local Bishop of Mostar, who has jurisdiction over the hamlet of Medjugorje, and hence St. James Parish, has stopped the visionaries from receiving their apparitions of our Blessed Mother at Cenocola. Cenocola is an alcohol/drug rehabilitation center for young men. It has had amazing success over the years in helping young men to clean up and move on with their lives.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Bishop of Mostar, Radko Peric, has now forbidden Holy Mass and Adoration to be celebrated at the Oasis of Peace!

Bishop Peric has long been an opponent of the visionaries and has declared the apparitions to be a fraud.

His ‘jurisdiction’, so to speak, over the visionaries has been removed by the Vatican which is now conducting an investigation into the alleged apparitions. A former commission, set up to review the apparitions, in which Bishop Peric was a member, was de-commissioned due to the fact that only non-believers in the apparitions were on the commission.

However, he is still Bishop of Mostar and therefore, still has authority over the Parish of St. James.

Now, if just one of these incidents had been reported, I would probably not make too much of it, such as Fr. Zovko’s sabbatical. Perhaps he truly does have a health condition that would require taking that much time from his duties.

But, with the additional incidents at Cenocola and now the Oasis of Peace, I have to wonder:
What is going on in Medjugorje?

Whoever heard of forbidding Holy Mass to be celebrated? This is a scary thought, which quite frankly, sends chills up my spine. It has long been prophesied that one day the Holy Mass would be forbidden and faithful Catholics would have to ‘go underground’ to celebrate Holy Mass. Is this a harbinger of tribulations yet to come?

Are the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary about to draw to a close? Are the first of the ‘secrets’ about to be revealed?

It has even been reported, by an alleged visionary/prophet here in the US, that the first secret will be revealed soon; in fact, possibly as soon as this month!

Prophetic ‘rumors’ come and go. But it does make me wonder when incidents like these happening in Medjugorje take place within a couple of weeks of each other. Could something really big be on the horizon? Time will tell. But for me, Medjugorje and what happens there, is a HUGE barometer of our times… Could the first secret be revealed soon? And if so, what does it mean for us and for the world?

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and adored.
May the Immaculate Heart of Mary be praised and adored.

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