Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pope Benedict to wear cross at Western Wall - how amazing!!!

Did you see the article on line yesterday regarding the fact that a certain rabbi did not want Pope Benedict to wear a cross during his visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem? Below is an article from Catholic News Agency today stating that the Pope may wear a cross while praying at the Western Wall. Of course, this is a retraction of yesterday's comment, which is now being referred to as "misleading."

Ok, here's my thoughts on this particular matter: You've got to be kidding, right? Ah, he's THE POPE. THE HEAD OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. And this rabbi is upset that he will wear a cross??? Perhaps Benedict should ask the rabbi to take his Star of David off, or perhaps remove his prayer shawl... which of course, he wouldn't do, as Pope Benedict has respect for our Jewish brethren...

Rome, Italy, Mar 18, 2009 / 02:13 am (CNA).- Contrary to comments attributed to an Israeli rabbi, Pope Benedict XVI will not be barred from entering the holy area of Jerusalem’s Western Wall while wearing a cross.
On Tuesday the Jerusalem Post quoted Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, who oversees worship matters at the Western Wall, as saying that the Pope should not wear a cross during his visit to the area.
“It is not fitting to enter the Western Wall area with religious symbols, including a cross,” the rabbi reportedly said, according to SIR.
Mordechay Lewy, Israel’s Ambassador to the Holy See, issued a clarifying statement saying that the Jerusalem Post’s quotation was “misleading.”
Ambassador Lewy said that Israel will “respect, as a matter of course, the religious symbols of the Holy Father and of his entourage, as expected in accordance with rules of hospitality and dignity,” following the same procedure applied in Pope John Paul II’s papal visit to Israel in 2000.
“This was confirmed to a high Official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jerusalem personally by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch,” the ambassador’s statement continued.
Pope Benedict is scheduled to visit the Western Wall on May 12 as part of his journey to the Holy Land.