Friday, March 6, 2009

The power of positive words

I was reading an interesting article today on regarding a Japanese scientist who has been working with water crystals. He has allegedly confirmed that when water is frozen right after being surrounded by good or bad words, the crystals change their formation.

Bad words produce distorted, blob-like crystalline structures while good words spoken produce beautiful, symmetrical crystals, much like the beautiful intricate snowflake patterns we are all familiar with.

Like all articles on Spirit Daily, they offer this information for the reader’s discernment.

He goes on to say, “This principle is what I think makes swearing and slang words destructive. These words are not in accordance with the laws of nature. For example, I think you would find higher rates of violent crime in areas where a lot of negative is being used. Just as the Bible says, first there was the Word, and God created all of Creation from the Word.”

Actually, this seems to make some sense to me. After all, we know that God spoke the heavens into being by the power of the spoken Word. We also know that we, as God’s creatures, are called to work co-operatively with God in His on-going redemption of the world. How do we co-operate? We know that the power of prayer, spoken and silent, has restorative, healing powers. Our Blessed Mother continually urges us to “pray for the conversion of the world.”

So obviously, our prayerful words have power to effect positive change, in our own lives, in our families, in our communities and in the larger world.

There is mystery about life. There are millions upon millions of unknown, mysterious things in the world; some God reveals to us and some He does not. Science, used properly, is a tool God has given mankind to better know and understand the world around us.

Might this be just one example of how unbelievably amazing this world truly is?